Retain Customers & Boost Your Conversion

Initiate personalized cross-channel communication,Promote Targeted Offers & capture Customer Feedback in easy steps.

Behavioural Intelligence Driven Customer Engagement Solution

With SenCEx, it’s a breeze to understand , target & engage visitors on your website. Our pixel gets embedded to your website (Similar to Google Analytics), tracks customer behavior real time & helps you initiate conversations with visitors at key moments. SenCEx not only helps you understand your visitors better but also empowers you to automate targeted actions to boost conversion & revenue.

Use Cases

Targeted Promotions & Personalized Announcements

  • Target customers with personalized offers in the most profitable order to make the most of your visitors
  • Use banners, sliders & widgets on high traffic pages to divert traffic to hot selling and discounted products to drive sales

Understand your Customers Better

  • Find right users to collect feedback and set up feedback widgets at optimal triggers
  • Find out why your users abandon carts or what they think of your product or service
  • Discover what are your visitors looking for by using interactive surveys triggered at specific customer actions

Transform Customer Journey To Maximize Conversion

  • Use customized widgets to redirect new customers to website sections which have high engagement/conversion
  • Interactive widgets to capture customer inputs & help them navigate easily to desired sections of website.

Generate Relevant Leads

  • Use interactive forms with right targeting to capture customer details on the go.
  • Trigger emails & sms real time based on captured customer inputs

Convert Mobile Web Visitors

  • Request app downloads, promote best offers & boost conversions on mobile sites
  • Use mobile specific widgets to generate leads & trigger communications

Improve Conversion from Marketing campaigns

  • Set up exclusive communications to convert people coming from facebook/adwords campaigns
  • Differentiate user journeys by channel (email/search/promotions) and optimize their experience respectively

How It Works ?

Insert SenCEx pixel in your Website

After sign up you get a  SenCEx pixel ( A short JS code). Paste it in body/footer of your site pages just like google analytics pixel. And you are good to go

Create Campaigns through SenCEx

Go to create banners forms, embedded widgets & customise postion, look & feel, and messaging within a few clicks.

Deploy with Custom Triggers & Logic

Target your campaigns to specific user actions, urls, or user attributes like device, referral, location or custom variables

Review, Analyse and Optimize

Check out our Dashboard for engagement stats & improve your campaigns.


Plug & Play Site Intercept

No complicated installations or downloads, just insert put script into your header of your website & get rolling

Multi-Channel Smart Campaigns

Smart Campaign features helps you run marketing & feedback campaigns across multiple channels.( Email, Sms , App & Website)

Interactive Web-Message & Responsive Forms

Curate your content with personalized messages to get maximum engagement from your visitors.

Intelligent Triggers & Customized Logic

Target your campaigns to specific user actions, urls, or user attributes like device, referral, location or custom variables.

Powerful Dashboards & Reports

View results and create graphs and charts in real time. Get detailed analytics with cross tabulation and filters. Easily export and download engagement data across channels

Conditional Forms

Design conditional forms which show targeted questions based on user inputs to get directed & actionable feedback

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