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Listen & Act On What Your Customers Are Saying To Create The Perfect Experience

World's First Integrated Customer Experience Platform

With SenCEx, it’s a breeze to tap, analyze & manage your Customer Experience . Our advance algorithms and technology will help you gather and get insights from your customer feedbacks across App, Web, Stores & Social Media all in one place. SenCEx also empowers you to take automated & targeted actions to boost conversion & revenue.


Brand Experience

  • Identify the top things your customers are talking about your brand and product
  • Track and manage the customer's perception about your brand and product

Customer Experience Management

  • Capture cusstomer feedback across Web, App, Stores and Social Media
  • Use rule-based close looping to act live and through background processes

Customer Retention Management

  • Analyze, Tag & Build customer personas based on their brand interaction
  • Run automated promotional and engagement campaigns to increase sales and customer repeat purchase

Customer Aquisition Management

  • Track customer behavior on Web & App - and start dialogue with customers and convert them
  • Persons driven customer referral programs to help customers become advocates

How It Works ?

Design & Integrate

Register @ SenCEx, and design the customer dialogues. First MONTH IS FREE


The dialogues can be deployed @ your Website, Store & App and starts capturing customer feedback across the customer journey


The default engine will start listening and will start acting to acquire & retain customers

Track & Analyze

Check out our Dashboard for engagement stats & improve your campaigns and operations


Plug & Play

Configure once and listen & act for forever. The platform can be integrated with your CRM & other systems to provide a holistic view of your customer experience.

Smart Customer Dialogues

Customer Dialogues can be designed to either capture customer feedback or to put a message across

Real Time Sentiment Analysis

Understand the overall, topical and channel wise sentiments of the customers and vistors in real time

Customized Campaigns

Configure camapigns to run automatically for your Best, Lost & Upgraded Customers

Advance & Interactive Dashboards

View results and create graphs and charts in real time. Get detailed analytics with cross tabulation and filters. Easily export and download engagement data across channels

Automated Close Looping

SenCEx is designed automaically connect with your Customers,